Denver: A Brief Visit to Winter

Hello, dear reader.  In this blog post I’ll be looking back at the week I spent in Denver during late November.  Caroline will chime in for the next blog post to tell us about her side trip to Durango, but I stayed in Denver so I’ll share the interesting bits of my week with you.  Our primary reason for coming to Denver was to get Caroline some interview appropriate clothes from the storage unit where most of our belongings currently reside.  Her nice clothes were easy to find, but we couldn’t unearth the box with her shoes, so a subsequent trip to the shoe store was required.  While at the storage unit I had a giddy moment when I realized I could take with me a pair of jeans and a couple fleeces.  I’ve been wearing the same few items of clothes for months and so a comfy pair of jeans felt like quite a luxury.  And it was so cold in Denver that I definitely needed a couple more warm items to wear.  That evening Caroline continued to work on the lecture and research talk for her interview at Fort Lewis College.

The next day Caroline drove our rental car back to the airport and caught her flight to Durango.  I spent the rest of the day working on our photos and blog posts.  It was kind of weird going to bed that night without Caroline next to me, something that hasn’t happened in months.  On the bright side, I could stay up late reading Harry Potter on my phone without the light keeping her awake. 🙂  In addition to finishing a couple more books in the Harry Potter series, I also spent some time that week reading about New Zealand.  I read through some blogs from other bicycle tourists who have traveled down there.  I’m not sure how much time we’ll want to spend biking on the North Island since it sounds like there’s more traffic there.  That’s ok though since it sounds like the South Island might be more scenic and have less hills.

Beyond any reading I did that week I also vegged out watching some TV and also got to hang out with friends.  Since we were staying with Jessica and Shane I got to spend lots of time with them and their daughter Mara, but I was glad I also got to see some other folks like Robin, Amy and Mark for happy hour and Kirsten, Greg and Robin (again) for dinner and a movie.  After Caroline got back to Denver we managed to hang out with our old neighbors Elissa and Mike and had lunch with Jeff and his boys.  Unfortunately we only got to see our good friends Cody and Mary Ann for a brief visit, but we’ll make up for that when they come to Europe next summer to travel with us for a week or two.  Right, guys?  🙂

I’m teasing them because this plan is in no way a certainty, but if they or anyone else reading this want to come join us for part of our travels, please do.  I can tell you that our current plan is to be in New Zealand until Jan 16, then on to Australia for maybe 6 or 8 weeks, then perhaps southeast Asia for the month of March and finally to southern Europe (or Morocco?) in early April.  After that we’ll work our way north through Europe until we have to be home in early August.

It was a quick week, but we packed in a lot: visiting friends, a job interview, sub-freezing temperatures, snow and not least of all: eating Sweet Action ice cream (twice!).  I’m glad we found an excuse to get home for a short visit before we go overseas.  We didn’t really take any photos that week, but here’s one of me playing tinker toys with Mara and her friend, Noah:

Alan playing with Mara and Noah

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