Day 138: Scenic and Hilly

39.66 miles

A few days ago while working on my laptop in a motel bed I developed a stiff neck from sitting up against the headboard.  What I wouldn’t give for a nice ergonomic desk chair some days.  My neck was still stiff this morning so I was a little slow getting out the door.  It felt a little better once on the bike, but I still couldn’t turn it to the left as easily as usual.  Thankfully we’ve both got good mirrors on the left side of our handlebars.

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Day 137: On the Pacific Coast Highway

49.1 miles

Water vapor rising from redwood stump

Steaming Redwood Stump

At the town of Leggett, our route turns off of US101 and onto the Pacific Coast Highway, CA-1. From Leggett, we still had a major climb to get us up and over the hills and back to the coast, and we were anticipating a difficult ride on a narrow road. We left Stonegate Villas Motel as early as we could this morning, which turned out to be around 8:45 am. It was quite cool, in the low 40s, so we were bundled up in layers of clothes and gloves. The climb to the top of Leggett hill, while long, wasn’t so difficult, and we topped out and put a few more layers on for the fun descent. The road twists and turns as it descends 1900 feet back to sea level. Exhilarating, and easier than riding has been up to this point because of the very light traffic.

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