A Job Offer…

Last Monday, the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Fort Lewis College called to offer me the job in the Biology Department. She outlined the salary, benefits and start-up package that would be given me, if I accepted the job, and I told her I would give her an answer in a week. As an academic scientist, who would be teaching AND doing research with students, I have to have some resources (meaning $$) to be able to start doing research. I feel like I’ll be able to manage with the facilities that Fort Lewis has, and, with the start-up package, should be able to do some good science with undergraduates, albeit on a rather small scale. I’m quite sure I would like the teaching responsibilities I would have in the Biology Department, so the job itself is really quite appealing.

So Alan and I spent some time over the last week considering whether or not we wanted to live in Durango. Much to my surprise, Durango is more expensive than Denver, at least when you look at housing, so this was kind of a negative. However, when you take into account the perks of living in a small mountain town, it could be worth it. The tough thing will be for Alan to find a job there, but he thinks its possible and we decided to do it. We’re moving to Durango in 2015!

Today, I called the Dean to tell her I would take the job and get the ball rolling on the paperwork. Right away, I got notes from the chair of the department and a few faculty members welcoming me to Fort Lewis–that felt really nice. They will let me know in the coming weeks my exact teaching assignments for the fall of 2015, so I can start thinking about developing my courses. I have to be at Fort Lewis for new employee orientation on August 17, 2015, so we’ll be traveling through the winter and into next summer before we return to Colorado for this new adventure.


My future work view (courtesy FLC wikipedia page) San Juan Mountains in the background

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