What Happened in Vegas

Hello again, friends. Here’s another big blog post to catch you all up on our week and a half in Las Vegas. While there we stayed with my mom and her husband, Bob. When we arrived our bikes were already there waiting for us. I wanted to unpack the bikes on our first full day in town to make sure they weren’t damaged and so we could do a little biking while in Vegas. Putting the bikes together didn’t take long and that evening we went downtown with Mom and Bob to ride the “High Roller” which is a cleverly named giant ferris wheel type thing. It’s a pretty cool way to see the Vegas skyline.

The next day we gave our bikes a test run by riding a few miles to my dad’s house to visit with him for a while. The day after that we biked out to Red Rock Conservation Area. I used to enjoy riding my bike out there when I was growing up in Las Vegas. Back then most of the ride was through empty desert. Now most of that desert is filled with houses and you don’t hit empty desert until just outside the actual conservation area. I just can’t get over how much Vegas has grown since I was a kid. That evening we saw the movie Interstellar with mom and her husband, Bob. It was the first time we’ve been out to see a movie since Wisconsin!

The next day was Thanksgiving and we started by having brunch at my dad’s house and visiting with him and my sister, Amy, and her family. After that we laid around at my mom’s for a while before going to my brother, James’ house for dinner. It was the first time I’d been home for Thanksgiving in three years and it was nice to be able to see most of my family again. The day after Thanksgiving we did some blog writing and planning for our time in New Zealand. We talked about the job offer Caroline had gotten from Fort Lewis and as she mentioned in her last post, we decided she should take that job and we’ll move to Durango in August. I’m not sure what I’ll do for a job, but there might be a few companies in town who can make use of a software developer like me. I’m a bit worried we might not see much of our Denver friends, but hopefully they’ll come visit a lot and enjoy the many outdoor activities Durango has to offer.

On Saturday of that week in Vegas we wanted to take another bike ride and so we headed out toward Red Rock again to enjoy the desert scenery. It was a windy damn day and we didn’t even make it as far as the last time we rode out there. It was on this ride that I decided we shouldn’t take our bikes to New Zealand with us. I think it’s for the best for a variety of reasons. Partly because I know traveling by bike isn’t as much fun for Caroline as for me, but also because we can see more in less time when we’re not on bikes. Now that we need to return to Colorado by early August, I want to make the most of our remaining travel time. My main goal for this trip was to travel around the world with Caroline, traveling by bike was merely a means to that end.

So, most of the rest of our time in Vegas was spent figuring out how to travel without our bikes. We did some research online, went to REI to buy some new backpacks and went through all our gear to leave out anything we didn’t need. In the end we got all our stuff to fit in our backpacks and that still includes our tent, sleeping bags and cooking gear. I’m really pleased at how light we can travel if need be. Granted, we’ll probably we traveling by car, bus or train and won’t have to schlep these backpacks around too much, but it’s pretty light compared to having two bikes in addition to all this gear.

Our bags packed and ready for New Zealand

Our bags packed and ready for New Zealand

Don’t worry, we’re not going to change the name of our blog. It’s too much hassle to get a new website name so just stayed tuned here for updates from New Zealand and beyond!

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  1. A solid decision and now you can enjoy your travels that much more without stressing about keeping to a schedule on bikes. I bet it’s wonderful in NZ.

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