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Sky Tower is an Auckland landmark

Sky Tower is an Auckland landmark

One thing that surprised us about New Zealand is that it’s only three hours behind Pacific Time in the U.S. However, it is on the other side of the International Date Line so it’s a day ahead of the U.S. That meant we left Vegas on a Thursday night and didn’t arrive in Auckland until Saturday night local time. Unfortunately, our checked bags didn’t arrive with us. Thankfully, we did have some spare clothes in our small carry on bags to get us by in the short term.

Cool trees with impressive branches and roots

Cool trees with impressive branches and roots

The extinct Moa bird stood 12 ft tall and weighed over 500 lbs!

The extinct Moa bird stood 12 feet tall and weighed over 500 pounds!

Our first morning in Auckland we woke fairly well rested and at a normal local time. After breakfast we walked to nearby Albert Park which had some cool trees with big, twisty branches and roots. Then we walked to the Auckland Museum which is located in a building originally built as a WWI memorial. After a couple renovations over the years, the building is now large enough to contain exhibits covering history, natural science, Maori culture and more. The museum had much more information than we could hope to absorb in one day, but it was a nice introduction to New Zealand. The nearby Winter Gardens had a dizzying array of tropical plants and flowers. Hopefully the photos below do it justice.


Photos from the Auckland Museum:

Auckland Winter Gardens:

Our next day in Auckland we bought a day pass that allowed us to ride on most city buses, trains, and ferries.  We started by riding a ferry across the harbor to Devenport, which is a nice little suburb of Auckland.  It reminded us both of the small towns we biked through north of San Francisco.  We walked to the top of Mt. Victoria, which is really just a small hill not far from the ferry terminal.  It provided a nice view of the surrounding area.  We rode another ferry to Berkenhead to walk around a little.  It wasn’t quite as scenic or touristy as Devenport, but I did find a cheap button up shirt in a thrift store, just in case our bags don’t arrive tonight.  We finished the day by riding a loop bus all around the central city.

Auckland Harbor Vicinity:

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