Fox Glacier

Today we woke up to sunshine and clear blue skies, so we thought we better hustle down to Fox Glacier before the inevitable clouds settled in. Fox Glacier is similar to Franz Josef, with a large, high elevation snow field that spills into the valley below. We started out from the parking area and noticed a pool of glacier ice cubes down below us in the river. Alan climbed down to investigate.

Alan getting some ice

Alan Investigating


Glacier Ice

Striped Glacier Ice


Glacier Ice

Glacier Ice Cube

Overall, the hike to Fox is a bit longer and steeper than yesterday’s hike to Franz, but we were rewarded with a closer view of the foot of the glacier. The clear, sunny morning added to the beauty of the scenery, but we could tell that the mist and clouds were starting to accumulate over the glacier.

Photos from Fox Glacier:

After hiking back down to the car, we stopped in the town of Fox Glacier for lunch at a small cafe. All through the day, the buzz of helicopters coming and going was nearly continuous, as guide services ferried tourists to the glacier. We decided a lazy afternoon was just what we needed, so we headed back to camp to use the internet to start planning the rest of our trip down to Fiordland and watch some TV.

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