Netherlands to Normandy

How about those beautiful tulips in Caroline’s last post, huh? As beautiful as the tulips were, we both were eager to hit the road and really get this European road trip started. But first we had a little more shopping to do. We left our campground near Keukenhof, found a busy little retail district, and bought some basic household items for the camper at a discount store. We also bought a small electrical heater to use when we’re plugged into a power outlet at campgrounds. The nights are chilly and we don’t want to burn through all our propane just to stay warm.

When we got back to our camper we noticed a note under the windshield wiper. Odd. Then a woman came over and told us that she left the note because she saw someone run into the bike rack on the back of our camper. Crap. Turns out the bike rack was pretty mangled, but still holding the bikes in place, for now. Thankfully the bikes themselves seemed ok, but we had to find a new bike rack right away. We made some calls and finally found a camper dealership not far away that had some bike racks in stock. We went right over and in no time they were installing a new rack for us. It’s probably for the best this happened. The old bike rack was pretty worn out and it took a bunch of extra straps to keep the bikes securely in place. In fact, we never even bothered to follow up on the license plate number the woman left us in her note. It just wouldn’t have been worth the trouble.

After that little hiccup, we hit the road again, heading towards Belgium. We only made it as far as the town of Delft in the Netherlands before we decided to call it a day. We finally found a campground open this early in the season and enjoyed a warm evening thanks to our new electric heater. The next morning we set our GPS device towards northern France and made it as far as a little town called Albert, where we stayed at ‘Camping le Vélodrome’, a fitting campground name, even if we aren’t traveling by bike anymore. We didn’t stop at all in Belgium, but maybe we’ll have time for a visit when we’re headed back towards the Netherlands at the end of our trip.

Today we arrived fairly early in Bayeux, France, where we’ll stay a few nights at the municipal campground. Thankfully they have a decent wi-fi connection and we were able to talk via Skype with my Dad. He’s been in the hospital a few days, but thankfully he’s doing much better now. It was good to talk to him face to face, but being this far away from home makes me wonder if we’ve been away too long or if buying this camper was a mistake. I know we could always park the camper someplace and fly home if we had to, but flying home from France isn’t quite as easily done as flying home from Colorado. So all you family and friend just keep yourselves healthy and happy until we get home, you hear? Or no new blog posts or photos! Oh, speaking of photos, we kind of dropped the ball there the past few days. But here’s one quick photo Caroline took while we drove over the Seine river. 🙂

Driving over the Seine


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