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August 2015 Update: Well, we made it home. After 14 months on the road, we’re back in Colorado. Specifically, Durango, Colorado. How did we end up here? While we were still biking in the U.S., Caroline applied for a teaching position at Fort Lewis College here in Durango. She flew here last November for an interview and soon received a job offer which she accepted. Now that we had a firm “return home by” date, we decided to leave our bikes with family in Las Vegas and flew to New Zealand to travel by car. After six weeks each in New Zealand and Australia we flew to Southeast Asia for a quick month in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Then we flew to Europe where we bought a small RV in the Netherlands. We drove that RV around Europe for three months before flying home.

Our upcoming bike trip is still in the early planning/daydreaming phase, but it is looking more likely that it will actually occur.  If so, here is our tentative plan.  First, we need to sell, give away or put in storage all our belongings.  Friends and family with empty space in a closet, garage or basement, we’d love to hear from you! 🙂  We’ll leave Colorado and drive back east to Caroline’s parent’s house in Maryland.  That’s where our bike trip will actually begin.

From Maryland, we plan to bike north along the East Coast Greenway.  We’re not sure how far north we’ll go, but at some point we’ll turn left and bike across the northern U.S.  Hopefully we’ll make it all the way to the Pacific, but if cold weather arrives we’ll head south in a hurry.  The Pacific coast is supposed to be a nice biking route, so hopefully we’ll be able to ride part of it.  Eventually we’ll arrive in Las Vegas, where Alan’s family lives, so we can pay them a visit.  At that point, if we still feel like travelling some more, we’ll hop a flight to New Zealand and/or Australia.  We’ll spend the winter down under (and maybe Southeast Asia) before flying to Europe for another summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Europe is still a big question mark, but we’d love to visit England, Scotland, France, Italy, Scandinavia, etc.  From Europe we’ll fly home and return to “normal” life.

Here’s a map showing our potential route:


3 thoughts on “About Our Trip

  1. From the looks of it, you’ll be passing through our neck of the woods up in Rochester. The Erie Canal takes you a long way across the state. We’d love to have you visit, and ride along for a tiny part of the journey.

  2. What a fabulous adventure… so glad you found each other and share this fun!

  3. It was great to catch you guys on the Denver drop in. And once you’ve circumcycled the globe we look forward to a return to the fabled Sweet Action gorge. Just give us some time to digest.

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