About Us

Hi there.  We are Alan and Caroline.  We met in late 2008 while on a snowshoe trip organized by the Colorado Mountain Club.  Over the next couple of years we became friends while backpacking, biking, skiing, and rock climbing together.  Eventually Caroline told Alan that she had a crush on him.  We talked about it and decided to go on our first date in September of 2010.  Less than two years later we were married.  Now we are planning our next big adventure together.

In 2007 Alan took a bike trip from Colorado to Alaska.  He really enjoyed that trip and has always dreamt about taking another long bike trip to far flung corners of the globe.  Now we are making plans for just such a trip.  We will be hitting the road in the summer of 2014 and will start by biking across the good old USA.  If that goes well, then perhaps New Zealand will follow.  Stay tuned!

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