Day 19: End of Poconos Detour

45 miles

This morning we said goodbye to Susan and Peter, again.  We rode our bikes away from their house, again.  The difference this time is that we were in the Pocono Mountains instead of New Hope and also, we had no bags on our bikes!  Not to worry, it was only a temporary respite.  Since we had a steep uphill at the start to get back to the highway, Susan very generously offered to drive our bags in her car up to the local grocery store.  We needed to stop for a few food items anyway, so it was a welcome opportunity to ride our bikes without heavy gear, for a few miles at least.

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Day 7: Meeting Other Bike Tourists, Almost

47 miles

Despite being at the top of a steep hill, French Creek Campground was a nice place to stay.  Any campground with showers is ok by me.  And there were no mosquitoes to speak of, which was a nice bonus.  But they did have a bunch of little gnats that liked to fly in our faces.  These bugs were annoying us at breakfast and encouraged us to hit the road.

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