Day 13: Back on the Road

36 miles

2014-06-30 15.04.34Well, after four days of relaxing, visiting friends, and sightseeing, it was time to hit the road again today.  We weren’t in a hurry since we weren’t planning a long day.  After loading up the bikes we said goodbye to Susan and Peter and headed north along the Delaware River.  We crossed over to the New Jersey side early on and rode along the towpath next to an old canal near the river.  The towpath was actually a nice way to go.  It was gravel and dirt, which was a little dusty, but it was nice and flat and mostly shaded.  Having no cars to worry about was icing on the cake.  Our destination for the night was the Quality Inn in Easton, PA so we eventually crossed over to Pennsylvania again and rode on the towpath on that side of the river.

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