Stone bridge

Day 8: Staying with Friends in New Hope, PA

29.5 miles

We left the Hilton Garden Inn in Ft. Washington, PA this morning a little bit earlier than we have typically been getting on the road. Not having to cook breakfast or break camp made for a quick escape in the morning. We grabbed some doughnuts at Dunkin’ Donuts and cruised across Montgomery and Bucks counties easily enough. It was our fastest and easiest day by far, even though it was a bit muggy. I enjoyed biking through my old stomping grounds (actually very old, since I haven’t lived in Bucks County since I worked for biotech firm Ecogen back in 1994). My desire to avoid afternoon thunderstorms and the expectation of seeing my good friends Susan and Peter made the ride seem fast and easy, and we rolled into their driveway in New Hope, PA around noon. After bringing our bags inside and getting showers, we relaxed all afternoon with Susan, hanging out and watching movies. After delicious Indian takeout from Jaffron, in New Hope for dinner, we made some plans for the next few days.  On our list:  Philadelphia, meeting up with Princeton friends, and New York City, so stay tuned!

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