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Day 90: Another Saddle

0 miles

It was raining when we woke up this morning and so we slept in hoping the rain would stop.  Eventually our hungry bellies (and the call of nature) forced us out of bed and out of the pop-up trailer we’re sleeping in.  We dashed through the rain into the house and made ourselves some breakfast since our hosts had already left for work.  They had told us to make ourselves at home so I enjoyed some cold cereal and milk.  It’s a luxury I usually only get to enjoy when we stay at a motel.  It was still raining so we watched some TV while researching local bike shops.  The new saddle I’ve been riding the past week has not worked out and so I’ll be sending it back to the store I bought it from and taking advantage of their generous refund policy.

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Day 77: Rest Day in Bay City

3.24 miles

Finally, a rest day.  We haven’t had a day off the bike since our day in Niagara Falls.  That’s 11 days we’ve gone without a rest day.  And considering we’ve biked over 40 or even 50 miles on many of these past 11 days, I’d say we’re due for a rest.  We started our day by sleeping in while Greg and Kim saw their boys off to the first day of a new school year.  Obviously we’re aware that summer is coming to an end, but milestones like the first day of school make it all the more apparent.  Once we did roll out of bed, Kim had yummy homemade cinnamon rolls waiting in the kitchen.  Greg is the pastor at the evangelical church next door and he had appointments, but Kim had the morning free and we sat and chatted with her for a little while.  She’s a doula and so we talked about her job, our trip, their boys, etc.

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Day 13: Back on the Road

36 miles

2014-06-30 15.04.34Well, after four days of relaxing, visiting friends, and sightseeing, it was time to hit the road again today.  We weren’t in a hurry since we weren’t planning a long day.  After loading up the bikes we said goodbye to Susan and Peter and headed north along the Delaware River.  We crossed over to the New Jersey side early on and rode along the towpath next to an old canal near the river.  The towpath was actually a nice way to go.  It was gravel and dirt, which was a little dusty, but it was nice and flat and mostly shaded.  Having no cars to worry about was icing on the cake.  Our destination for the night was the Quality Inn in Easton, PA so we eventually crossed over to Pennsylvania again and rode on the towpath on that side of the river.

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