Day 0: Counting Down!

Have you been wondering when we’re hitting the road? Well, wait no longer! Tomorrow is the first day of our new lives as travelling cyclists. Tonight we are at Caroline’s parents’ house outside of Annapolis, Maryland. We arrived here yesterday after spending a week in Columbus, Ohio at Caroline’s sister’s house. We spent a week there because our cat will be living with Caroline’s sister while we’re gone. We wanted to make sure our cat was settling in comfortably before we said goodbye to him. Thankfully our cat seems more accepting of the change than we had feared. The last couple days he even seemed to be tolerating the presence of her sister’s dog.

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Weekend Overnighter

Caroline's bike

Caroline’s bike at Cherry Creek campground.

Greetings everyone! Recently, we’ve been pretty busy getting our house ready to sell. The house went on the market last weekend and we had an offer in a day and a half!  The real estate market in Denver is apparently back up to full speed.

In addition to working on the house, we’ve been putting some finishing touches on our bikes and other gear for the trip. Thanks to our annual REI dividend, Caroline and I  have new Ortlieb handlebar bags. We’ve also been riding our touring bikes on the weekends and trying to fine-tune things to make the bikes as comfortable as possible.

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boxes of books

Decluttering on Steroids

Alan and I plan to be bike traveling for several months, if not a year or more. A major problem to solve before leaving will be to figure out what to do about our house and all of our belongings. There are basically two scenarios that we’re entertaining. Sell the house or rent out the house. Regardless of which option we go with, however, we’re going to have to get rid of a lot of our stuff, downsizing and eliminating all but the essentials.

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Travel Credit Cards

In the next year or two we might be taking several international flights.  Potential flights include U.S. to New Zealand, Australia to Europe and Europe back to the U.S.  We thought it would be a good idea to earn some frequent flier miles by signing up for a couple new credit cards which offer big sign-up bonuses as well as bonus miles for any purchases.

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