Front and Rear Racks

Before and after photos:

DSC00242 DSC00243

Caroline’s new Surly Ogre, named Freya, was in need of racks for carrying gear.  Tubus racks have a very good reputation and I had no problems with the Tubus rack on my old touring bike.  So, off I went to TheTouringStore.com to look at racks.  They have the best prices I could find on Tubus racks and they’re semi-local (based in Ft. Collins, CO).  I called them up and spoke to Wayne about racks for the Ogre.  On his recommendation I chose the Tubus Logo Evo for the rear and a Tubus Duo for the front.  He was very helpful and took the time to make sure I was aware of any possible issues with installing the racks.  Two days later they arrived and I made quick work of installing them.  The installation was pretty straightforward, but here are some details that might help someone installing the same racks on this bike (which is a size medium frame, by the way).

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